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Class schedules

"It's OK to Ask" Program

This educational campaign is for the general public. It seeks to combat fear, misinformation and lack of information with knowledge about end of life issues to:

  • Promote better informed healthcare consumers regarding advanced illness
  • Help people to ask the difficult questions
  • Improve effective communication and clarify goals with healthcare practitioners 
  • Improve communication and clarify wishes with loved ones
  • Help people face their eventual mortality with less fear and more empowerment and choices

If you would like a talk for your own group, just call or email us.

Community feedback on our program
Comments from evaluation forms of participants:
"Tani is a born educator who speaks with such compassion and knowledge on difficult topics. "
"Her classes are invaluable - everyone needs this information. " 


"It's OK to Ask" Classes

My Life, My Choice – Navigating the Challenges of End of Life Decision-Making 
Decisions based on fear, lack of information or misinformation can have devastating consequences. By understanding the legal, ethical and emotional issues that can complicate end of life decision-making, we will identify resources and methods to overcome barriers. Improved communication and navigation will help assure your rights and choices are upheld.

Navigating the Storm – Tools for the Caregivers 
We explore the challenges of caring for someone who is terminally ill.  Issues of loss, grief, self care and enhancing communication are discussed

Pain Hurts Everyone – Understanding and Managing Pain 
The myths and misconceptions about pain are examined in addition to understanding the physiology and impact of pain and how best to promote comfort. 

You Call this Living? How Dying Transforms Us 
We will explore issues that people facing a terminal illness may confront, including concerns about quality of life, fear of being a burden, loss of independence, loss meaning, purpose and the impact on patient and caregiver alike. Viewing “Living Through Dying – The Struggle for Grace”, you will witness how others face these issues and examine how our experiences can be transformed to find new meaning.

From Touchy to Touching –Talking About the Dying Process 
This provides the opportunity to face fears about dying as the physical, psychosocial and mysterious aspects will be examined. By understanding the process you will better manage the changes and promote comfort.

Healing Partnerships: Improving Communication with Your Healthcare Team and Family 
Progressive illness can create many complex issues as you adjust to the impact on your life. For both patient and caregiver, excellent communication with your healthcare provider and loved ones is critical to assure your concerns are addressed and your values and wishes are honored.

Worst Fear Meets Best Friend - The Hospice Alternative
Understand the comprehensive benefits of hospice, dispell the myths and misconceptions, recognize the timing of a referral, and learn how to select a hospice program. We will explore the many benefits of this comprehensive program that supports those facing a terminal illness.  We will also examine your choices and ways to overcome common barriers. 

Informational handouts will be available at each talk. All folks are invited, but don't have to register.

These classes are offered as workshops geared toward either the healthcare professional or the lay community:

  • My Life, My Choice -- Navigating the Challenges of End of Life Decision-Making
  • Overcoming Fear as the Silent Decision-Maker
  • From Touchy to Touching -- Talking About Dying
  • Overcoming Failures and Misconceptions of Advance Directives
  • You Call This living?  How Dying Transforms Us
  • Healing Partnerships: Improving CommunicationWith Your Healthcare Team and Family
  • Worst Fear Meets Best Friend; The Hospice Alternative
  • Navigating the Storm -- Tools for the Caregiver
  • Pain Hurts Everyone -- Understanding and Managing Pain
  • Just One More Bite -- Understanding Changes in Eating and Drinking Near the End of Life
  • More Than Words -- Improving Communication Skills in End of Life Care
  • Through the Fire -- A Dying Exercise to Raise Awareness & Compassion
  • Quality of Life Issues -- Challenges & Opportunities

This is only a sample of possible topics.  We will design a talk or workshop based on your specific needs.

Unable to attend? 
A. Click on the resources below (downloadable forms) -

  • Important Questions for Making Treatment Decisions (pdfWord)
  • Important Questions for yourself and Your Family When Making Treatment Decisions (pdf fileWord doc)
  • Resources for End of Life Issues  (pdf fileWord doc)

B. Or purchase this book:
"Dying to Know - Straight Talk About Death & Dying"

  • 20% of the proceeds will be used to support the mission of Passages
  • learn about the book and order here