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Providing compassionate guidance in end of life Issues through support, education and research. 

As of August 2012, we are celebrating a new look for our website! We would like to thank everyone for their continued interest and support in spreading the word about Passages

It's OK to Ask

It's important to talk about it. Whether newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, facing advancing illness or age, people think about dying. Thoughts about dying can bring fear, often the result of misconceptions, misinformation or simply the lack of information. We can help. Whether for yourself or someone you care about, we can help replace fears with knowledge, preparation and a feeling of compassionate support. 

We can help you start those difficult conversations with family, friends and your healthcare team.

We can help you ask the right questions to find the answers you need on which to base your healthcare decisions. 

You are not alone. We can help guide you through the maze.

Face Fears to Find Your Way

Overcome fears about

  • Not having your wishes honored
  • The dying process
  • Not being able to talk openly with your loved ones
  • Being a burden
  • Pain or suffering
  • The unknown
  • Making an uninformed decision you may regret

Finding your way means you

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Communicate effectively with your physician
  • Communicate effectively with your loved ones
  • Understand medical terminology
  • Understand the benefits and burdens of treatment options
  • Make sure your wishes are known
  • Identify and access community resources


Support Programs

Compassionate Guidance Program
We offer individual and family meeting in which to explore your questions and concerns and provide you with information to create your own plan of care. Whether newly diagnosed and expecting a cure, or facing advancing illness, this is your time to ask the important questions and gain the support you seek. The typical session is 1 1/2 hours and includes identified follow-up plans. We will meet you at your site of care, whether it is your home, the hospital, nursing home or other.

Compassionate Gift Program
Our commitment is that no one is denied service due to inability to pay.
If finances are a challenge, you will still receive the same Compassionate Guidance services due to the generous help of community donations and grants.

Community Feedback
For individual/family consultation/support
"Tani is a wealth of info & an exceptional support person - for both the family & the client dealing with all health issues.  I wish I could carry Tani around in my pocket."   ~ Ricki Pearl